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TumbleTracker Instructions

1. Login to our TumbleBookLibrary subscription. Username & password is the same as all our online resources. 

2.  Click on the green “TumbleAdmin” button at the bottom of the home page.

3.  Once on the TumbleAdmin page, click on the TumbleTracker and login using the username and password in the TumbleTracker welcome email. If you didn't receive an email, please let me know (pgoering@fcaq.k12.ec).

4. Now, click “add new class” then enter your class name (eg: Grade Two) in the field above, then click the orange “add class” button. 

5. Next, to add students to your class, simply click on the Class link in the table, and then the “Add new student” link on the right. When prompted, add the student ID, then click the orange “Add Student” button. 

6. From within any resource, you can assign the reading to the whole class or specific students, assign quizzes or book reports and monitor student progress. 

7. Students will log in by clicking on “TumbleTracker” in the navigation bar on the home page, selecting your class and entering the student ID you assigned them. 

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