Breathe Deep... While You Still Can / RESPIRA PROFUNDO...


Idea Central:


Understanding the atmosphere enables us to identify our responsibilities regarding its care. / El conocer la atmósfera nos permite indentificar nuestras responsabilidades sobre su cuidado


Líneas de indagacíon:

- Atmospheric Structures / Estructuras atmosféricas

- Atmospheric Cycles / Ciclos atmosféricos

- Changes in Climate / Cambios climáticos

- Commitment to caring for the planet / Compromiso con el cuidado del planeta



The Atmosphere by Geography for Kids


Earth´s Atmosphere Facts by Science for Kids 


Earth´s Atmosphere Layers by Kids Fun Science


Kid´s Crossing The Atmosphere by The National Center for Atmospheric Research 


The Weather Lab by The Smithsonian 




Layers of the Atmosphere by Earth Science Hommocks Middle School

Layers of Atmosphere by  The Dr. Binocs Show

The Structure of Our Atmosphere by David Woo 

The Atmosphere Song by Mr. Parr

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