Celebrating Culture Through Stories / Celebrando Cultura a Través de los Cuentos

Idea Central:


Through storytelling, we discover and express culture. / A través de cuentos orales y escritos, descubrimos y expresamos la cultura. 


Líneas de indagacíon:

-Structure and analysis of literary texts / Estructura y análisis de diferentes textos literarios

-Creating narrative texts / La creación de textos narrativos

-Sharing values and beliefs / La transmisión de valores y creencias



My StoryMaker by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


Storyline Online by EIF


Cuentos Interactivos by Omnis Cellula


Myths, Folktales & Fairytales by Scholastic


American Folklore by S.E. Schlosser and AmericanFolklore.net


International Children's Digital Library by The ICDL


Myths Writing Workshop with Jane Yolen (courtesy of Scholastic)


Folk Legends of Japan by Kids Web Japan




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