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1. To reserve a space in the Secondary Library or the Chromebooks, go to our LibraryTrac Calendar: https://www.librarytrac.com/view/login/?account=23e86a17a0dd826c5893d206096ecb109ea9609e and log in using your email address and the password, password.

2. You can view the reserved library spaces and resources in three ways: Basic, which shows the whole month; Agenda - Week, which shows one week at a time; and Agenda - Day, which shows just a single day. The watermark numbers on each day refers to the day in our rotating schedule. 

3. Reserve a space from any of the three viewing options using the red "Add Event" button in the top left corner. 

4. Include a title for your event. This could be as simple as "Research" but if you are reserving Chromebooks be sure to include the number of Chromebooks you're reserving. 

5. Select your name from the "Teacher" drop-down menu. If you're name is not on the list please email (pgoering@fcaq.k12.ec) so we can add you. 

6. Be sure the date is correct and select the space or resource that you would like to reserve. 

7. Select the periods for which you need to reserve the space or resource. You can reserve multiple periods at a time using the "ADD ANOTHER BLOCK/PERIOD" button on the right. 

8. You can set up an email reminder if you like, but be sure to click the "Save" button to finish reserving the space.

Library Hours: 7:30-4:00
Telephone: 397-6300

Secondary ext. 110

Primary ext. 111

Teacher Resource Center ext. 520

Email: library@fcaq.k12.ec

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