Library Services and Policies

(Servicios y políticas de la biblioteca en español)

Library Expectations​​​

  • Respect the rights of others and honor requests of the library staff.

    • During class time, students must have a pass from their teacher and sign in and out at the circulation desk.

    • Use our facilities for school work.

    • Return or renew materials by the due date.

  • Promote a quiet, clean atmosphere to support learning.

    • Keep food and drinks outside of the library.

    • Clear tables and return chairs before leaving.

    • Put books on a book cart for re-shelving (Secondary) or use browsing sticks (Primary)

    • Use headphones.

Library Use

  • Hours

    • 7:30-4:00 Monday-Thursday

    • 7:30-3:30 Friday​

  • Reservations

    • Please reserve the library space or resource (Primary) (Secondary). See LibraryTrac Calendar instructions here

    • Please talk with your teacher librarian about the purpose of your visit so we can assist you and your students.

    • Secondary teachers must accompany and supervise their students in the Secondary Library to ensure their students are on task and working at a sound level which allows others to work.  

    • In Primary, at least one Nursery, Pre-K or Kinder teacher or assistant should stay with the class to support the librarian. Teachers of older students (Grades 1-6) are asked to leave during regularly scheduled library periods when the library staff will be responsible for discipline. During special library sessions and events, primary teachers must stay with their classes.

  • Sending Students

    • Students must have a pass from their teacher.

    • No groups bigger than 3 students at a time.

    • Students must sign in and out at the circulation desk.

Lending Materials

  • Teachers may check out books and materials from any of the three libraries: the Primary Library, Secondary Library and the Teacher Resource Center. 

    • Primary books can be checked out for four weeks.

    • Secondary books can be checked out for six weeks.

    • Equipment, such as Chromebooks, cameras, and DVD players, may be borrowed during the school day. 

    • Teacher Resource Center materials are checked out until the end of the school year, but please return materials that are not being used so that others may use them.

    • Primary and Secondary Library materials may be renewed once if they have not been requested by someone else.

    • Science lab materials may be checked out for two weeks, but priority is given to secondary science teachers and requests must be placed through the Science Lab Assistant. 

  • We do not charge overdue fees, but please return or renew books on time so others may access the materials as well. Teachers can view what materials they have checked out by signing in to the library’s online catalog. Click here for directions: English, Spanish

  • The value of lost or damaged resources will be charged to the person who checked them out and accounts must be cleared by the end of each school year.

    • Age and expected deterioration of used materials will be taken into consideration. 

    • If a student has signed the official Classroom Circulation Form, the cost of lost or damaged materials may be charged to the student. 

    • For Teacher Resource Center materials, teachers may get approval from section coordinators forgiving part or all of the replacement price, up to a reasonable amount, in the case of accidents or damage caused by students. 

  • Books cannot be checked out in someone else’s name and we do not recommend that you check out materials for someone else on your own account, or allow students to remove materials from your classroom without signing the Classroom Circulation Form. 

  • Priority for checking out materials is given to the teachers of the section to which the materials belong.

Fair Use Guidelines for Education​


Often we assume that if it's for education, we can do whatever we want, but there are still limitations. Check out The Educator's Guide: Copyright and Fair Use. Some basic limits that are particularly useful when creating multimedia presentations for a class are: ​

  • One chart, picture, diagram, or cartoon per book or per periodical issue.

  • No more than five images (e.g. a photograph or illustration) by a single artist or photographer.

  • No more than 10 percent or three minutes (whichever is less) of lawfully acquired copyright video.

  • Up to 10 percent or 30 seconds (whichever is less) of a copyright musical composition.

Print Service

  • Teachers may print or copy in the library using their own code if they bring A4 paper, just like with any of the printers on campus.

  • To print or copy in color or on size A3 paper:

    • Email your coordinator with a request for color printing. Be sure to include the total number of copies and attach the file to be printed.

    • Coordinators will forward approved requests with the attachment to the Print Shop (

    • Pick up your color copies from the Print Shop (below the cafeteria).

  • Printing for guests and personal documents is handled directly in the Print Shop (below the cafeteria). 

    • Take your document(s) to the Print Shop. Digital files can be emailed to

    • Pay for the copies to retrieve your document(s)

      • A4 black/white - 5¢

      • A4 color - 25¢ 

      • A3 black/white - 10¢ 

      • A3 color - 50¢

  • Any printer can scan documents. Documents are automatically sent to your school e-mail. Instructions for using the printers can be found here

  • Teachers can laminate posters up to 60cm wide in the bookstore. Lamination can be ordered through DSI per half meter of length.  Please allow 48 hours for lamination to be completed once you turn in your item(s).  

Ordering Materials with SIS

  • In order to facilitate ordering materials in the Bookstore, please keep the following in mind:

    • All orders must be placed through DSI (formerly SIS). If you have any doubts about the name of an item, please contact Margarita Cabeza De Vaca (

    • If you have any trouble placing your order, please contact Rita Díaz ( in technology. The Bookstore is focused on filling orders, so any issues with the system itself should go through the Technology department. 

    • Approved orders will be ready for pickup the next school day between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

    • Please double-check that your order is correct and complete before leaving the Bookstore. We can return incorrect items but any changes or additional items will need to be re-ordered through SIS and approved. 

Library Hours: 7:30-4:00
Telephone: 397-6300

Secondary ext. 110

Primary ext. 111

Teacher Resource Center ext. 520


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