Secondary Library Services and Policies

Library Expectations​​​

  • Respect the rights of others and honor requests of the library staff.

    • During class time, students must have a pass from their teacher and sign in and out at the circulation desk.

    • Use our facilities for school work.

    • Return or renew materials by the due date.

  • Promote a quiet, clean atmosphere to support learning.

    • Keep food and drinks outside of the library.

    • Clear tables and return chairs before leaving.

    • Put books on a book cart for re-shelving.

    • Use headphones.

Print Service

Secondary students can print using their student codes from the printer in the secondary library. A $3.00 minimum can be applied to their account in the Print Shop (below the cafeteria), and then students can print in black and white or in color on A4 or A3 paper. Instructions for using the printer. ​​

  • A4 black/white - 5¢

  • A4 color - 35¢ 

  • A3 black/white - 10¢

  • A3 color - 70¢

Loans and Limits

  • Secondary students are welcome to check out up to ten books at a time. 

  • Books may be checked out for six weeks and renewed once if the book has not been requested by someone else.

  • Equipment, such as Chromebooks and cameras, may be borrowed during the school day. Students must have a current Acuerdo de prestamo de equipos on file and must sign the equipment in and out at the circulation desk. 

  • We do not charge overdue fees, but please return or renew books on time so others may access the materials as well. Students can view what materials they have checked out by signing in to the library’s online catalog. Catalog Login Instructions.

  • The value of lost or damaged resources will be charged to the person who checked them out. Accounts must be cleared by the end of each school year. 

  • Books cannot be checked out in someone else’s name and we do not recommend that you lend materials to other students that are checked out in your name. Students may not check out multiple copies of the same title.  

  • Parents are welcome to check out up to ten books at a time from the Primary or Secondary Library. 

Library Use

  • Hours

    • 7:30-4:00 Monday-Thursday

    • 7:30-3:30 Friday​

  • Recess & Extras

    • The library is open during recesses and after school.  

    • Please follow library expectations.

    • The Projector Area, AV Room, and Computer Lab are off limits unless there is a teacher present.

    • During Extras students must sign in at the circulation desk by 3:00 p.m. and must stay in the library. Students should ask for a pass if they need to go to the bathroom or their locker. There is only enough space in the library for 25 students to stay during Extras. Sign up to reserve your spot. 

  • During Class

    • Students must have a signed pass from their teacher.

    • No groups bigger than 3 students at a time.

    • Students must sign in and out at the circulation desk and get their pass stamped to return to class.

Computer and Internet use

  • Please use the our computers and Internet access for school-related work.

  • Personal gaming and streaming slows the network and are not allowed.  

  • Use your Google Drive to save your work.

Library Hours: 7:30-4:00
Telephone: 397-6300

Secondary ext. 110

Primary ext. 111

Teacher Resource Center ext. 520


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