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Library Activity – Ties that Bind, Ties that Break by Lensey Namioka


You will be researching in a group a topic about China and presenting your results in the form of a fact poster and presentation to the class. Each fact poster should have drawings or pictures and 8-10 facts.  You will present your fact poster and information to your classmates on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2016.


STEP 1: You will be divided into four groups. 


Group 1: Foot binding

Group 2:  What was happening in China 1911-1925 (political, social, economic; e.g. Boxer Rebellion, Opium war, the last emperor)

Group 3:  Chinese culture, families, homes (especially roles of men and women, children)

Group 4: Chinatown in San Francisco


STEP 2: In the library – students will begin to research their topic on the computers and provided books.  You will find photos, facts and information to create your fact poster.  You must also properly cite your sources by having a MLA Work Cited (reference list) on the back of your poster.


STEP 3: Each group will present their fact poster to the class and explain their topic. Presentations will be four to five minutes in length, and should be interesting and informative. Each group member must speak equally.


STEP 4: Fill in the L column of the KWL chart, summarizing what you learned from your research and from the other group presentations.


Each group member must:

  • Research their topic

  • Contribute with a drawing or picture and at least two facts

  • Participate in the presentation

  • Have a group member role













Library Hours: 7:30-4:00
Telephone: 397-6300

Secondary ext. 110

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